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We build relationships

We connect people, culture and technology to build physical and digital experiences.

People, design, technology.


Talent, solidarity and love for the planet drive us to create the best solutions for our clients, so that they can systematically adapt to the continuous changes in our society

100% Design

Expertise areas.


One of the most important areas when we talk about new ecosystems, here we generate opportunity scenarios. We help our clients to set strategies based on the opportunities de- tected to increase competitiveness and differentiation. This is where we are able to draw the new ecosystem.

[Changes in purchasing and usage behavior]
[Identification of future scenarios]
[Realization of new business models]
[Generational changes, evaluation and viability of the future]
[Application of value through technological application]

Industrial Design

The most visible area of our company and where we have obtained more awards and recognitions. Industrial design for our clients is a strategic axis and an aspect we are committed to. Some- times, design becomes a “commodity”, some companies stop the process here, but this axis must be expanded and seek differentiation in other complementary areas, such as technological application or experience through APPs.
Products have gone from being functional to being emotio- nal, from being mute to talking to users, from being passive to being proactive, industrial design is in another dimension. Understanding where we come from will help us to design the right product to suc- ceed where we want to go. The profiles of this area are diverse, here converge product designers, automotive designers, experience and space designers.
[Strategy framework for design]
[Industrial Design]
[Product and family design]
[Research of innovative materials to provide value]
[Realistic mock-ups for commercial areas]
[Concept testing]

Mechanical Engineering & Industrial Development

Related to product design, made up of mechanical, electro-mechanical and design engineers.
Main focus is on research and development of mechanical solutions and technical development of the products, in order to guarantee their performance and quality with adequate costs.
[Mechanisms, mechanical or electro-mechanical]
[Components and assemblies engineering]
[Dynamic / static finite number simulation] [Moldflow analysis]
[Final documentation for 2D&3D manufacturing]
[Prototyping, test, functional, realistic or realistic functional pro- totypes]
[Pre-series silicone molds]
[Prototype molds manufacturing]
[Serial molds manufacturing]
hardware board

Electronic Engineering Hardware & Firmware

We are a consolidated company in the electronic engineering sector focused on developing Hardware and Software solutions and products for our customers.
Our philosophy is to offer a friendly service between engineer and customer to ensure the success of the desired product.
We seek simplicity and reliability in everything we develop without losing sight of industrialization.
We offer the development of integral projects in hand, from concept to mass production without subcontracting.

[Development of turnkey electronic devices, from idea to production].
[Review of electronic designs with alternative components (avoidance of component allocation)]]
[Design of multilayer, flexible and rigid-flex PCBs]
[Feasibility, industrialization and optimization studies]]
[Custom Firmware development for main platforms and CPU/MCU manufacturers] [Firmware development for IoT devices] [Firmware development for IoT devices] [Firmware development for IoT devices
[Firmware development for IoT equipment (connected to the cloud)]
[Development of FW for SOM (System- On-Module)]
[Assembly of Prototypes and 0 series of electronic boards, in SMD and THT]
[Search for alternative components]
[Assembly and verification of electronic equipments] [Assembly and verification of electronic equipments]
Industrialization of electronic products: DFM (Design For Manufacture), DFT (Design For Test) and DFA (Design For Assembly)] [Industrialization of electronic products: DFM (Design For Manufacture), DFT (Design For Test) and DFA (Design For Assembly)].
[Manufacturing of intelligent production tools] [Manufacturing of intelligent production tools]

Digital, UX & UI

Here we build all the software applications that will communicate with our entire ecosystem.
Our digital designers and developers specialized in Android and iOS systems are able to build interfaces where everything is visualized in detail.
Our expertirse in app flow, based on research, content definition and backend architecture are the best quality guarantee.
[UX & UI Design]
[Product/user interface design]
[Web design]
[iOS & Android development]
[Cloud architecture]
[Android Market and Apple Store documentation]
[Server and app maintenance]
[Digital content creation]

Prototypes + Mold design & manufacturing

Moldes y piezas de inyección de plástico. Piezas y conjuntos prototipo, estéticos y estéticos-funcionales.

[Plastic Injection Molds & Parts Design]
[Mold Simulation & Part Filling Simulation]
[Prototype Mold Making]
[Manufacturing of final molds for production]
[Spatial validation]
[Injection molding, pre-series & serial parts]
[US & spot welding]
[Sub-assemblies/Assemblies Assemblies]
[Selection of materials & processes adapted to the prototype]
[3D design adapted to prototype tolerances]
[Tracking & control & manufacturing of prototype parts and as- semblies]
[Prototype technologies: CNC, Vaccum cast, SLA, SLS, 3Dprint, Additive, etc]
[Sub-Assemblies/Prototype Assemblies]

We work with individual projects

We deliver projects with measurable impact for clients around the world. We continue after the release: with ongoing iterations and collaborations that change the way our clients work, learn and grow.

We join our customers in in-house work teams

We reimagine the traditional roles of the company and its consultants to assist in creating more innovative and efficient teams. We partner with select clients in a uniquely flexible and effective way; with unlimited projects, daily contributions and tangible influence on the rest of the team.