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The Dinner

False expectations and cold love story.

The Dinner is one of our most creative pieces directed by Ana Manzano. This is a project that is open to be interpreted in many ways, although our director based it on the concept of false expectations or those actions that are taken for granted that are going to happen in a specific way (and everything points to this being the case), but that in the end do not happen as one expects.

The gesture of passing the ball, heavy and on the verge of falling, provokes the tension that we wanted to transmit in order to develop this tense and cold story of a couple whose communication seems to have become rusty.

For this piece, art direction was key: we built a set where all the protagonism is covered by the central table of 3 meters wide, which allows us to have a certain distance to pass the ball from one side to the other of the table, and thus emphasize the concept of distance between the two characters. The same goes for the costumes, which we opted for the combination of complementary colours.