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Connected bed headrest.

Many people are in the habit of reading, working with their laptop or checking their social networks while resting or relaxing in bed.
The product i-Bed, is a design focused on giving a solution to these needs in a comfortable, ergonomic, and functional way, providing it with the necessary technology to make the system efficient and to be able to interact with the digital elements.

i-Bed is the first folding headboard in the market that allows you to enjoy your bed both to sleep and to work or distract you with your laptop, tablet or Smartphone. It is equipped with USB connectors, battery charging system, point and ambient light, and an electro-mechanically assisted system to fold or retract the head without any effort for users, in a silent and efficient way.

The work area is capable of supporting up to 60kg of weight that guarantees the perfect operation of the same one, its sensor of weight will inform you if you are exceeding this weight estimated so that the system does not suffer failures for inadequate use, as well as deactivates the system of collection if it detects presence of devices above the work area.

The design is focused on different sectors such as home, hotels, and student residences or similar. The design allows different finishes and customization to suit each client, allowing corporate customization.

i-Bed product design smart bed
i-Bed product design smart bed
i-Bed product design smart bed