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CirAccess & CirPark

Connected public and private parking access system.

This solution has been designed for the access control sector and its diverse needs for control, security and access of vehicles and people.

The system is made up of various elements, from the entrance barrier, payment machines, seat sensors, license plate reading cameras, indicative signs. Each one of these elements has its main function and its function of sending data and/or authorizations. The whole installation is placed inside the parking lots

The functional designs of these devices do not make them lacking in style. Robustness and safety are rewarded, as well as visibility and ease of installation. Its minimalist design makes it not only a decisive design but also a timeless one without contaminating the environment too much.

Its mechanical and electronic design are focused on functionality, efficiency and ease of assembly, making a quick set up and installation.

Its connectivity is capable of providing information on vehicle numbers, entry and exit times, identification of subscribers by means of their registration number, length of stay… thanks to its back end that stores and represents all the data collected in the parking lot in real time.